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Sol de Oro Publications

Sol de Oro was established as a means of publishing, printing, and promoting authors and their work. We're an independent company founded on the concept that authors need help in promoting themselves and their work in a profitable and satisfying manner--a manner that remembers they're more than a "piece of work." That's why we will feature authors, their stories, and their work from time to time.

Featured Artist

We are currently featuring Regina E. Tucker and her new children's book The Legend of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine.

Regina Tucker is a retired English teacher that has published several historical poems and stories about the Midwest and the Old West. One of her favorite themes is Native Americans”--in honor of her great-grandmother who was Cherokee. Much of her work is invocative and thought-provoking and strikes a chord deep in the heart of the human spirit. And its storytelling qualities are reminiscent of her own days of sitting spell-bound at the feet of her story-telling father. Most of it has been inspired by her own cultural history, travels, and in the experiences of raising four highly-imaginative and spirited children in a small town in the Midwest. Her many walks with them in the woods and ”listening for echoes and voices of nature and history”has now extended to the next generation of "believers." That's who this book has been dedicated to. She resides with her husband and hiking partner in Gilbert, Arizona where she views the Superstition Mountains from her back deck every day and says that we can look forward to other offerings of delightful and intriguing tales.

Featured Work:

The Legend of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine has enthralled and bewildered hundreds of seekers for over one hundred years. Now, for the first time, the full story is featured for children to enjoy and is illustrated with dozens of authentic photos of the legendary mountain area and its resident plants and critters. For the serious treasure hunters, there are copies of actual maps and clues in the back of the book. All dates and place names, and the occurrences connected with them, are based on facts as they've been uncovered by the foremost experts on "The Dutchman."

Book Reviews:

"I am impressed with [the] choice of color and photos. The text is interesting and intriguing. . . . I find [the] story telling technique very interesting and spell-binding for juveniles. . . . I [also] sincerely believe [this is] a story that is worthwhile to publish and will provide children with a very adequate explanation about the Lost Dutchman Mine. Included in the story are many wonderful themes about life in general. The story includes everything from truth to keeping the environment clean. These are important messages for children today." From Tom Kollenborn acknowledged as one of the foremost living authors and experts of the Lost Dutchman history and legend.

"Intriguing!" from Christopher Tucker, one of the original "Tucker" children.


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